Treating Your Wood Correctly

Deck owners often join home improvement type forums, looking for recommendations on deck stains. After the floor dries, a primer and two topcoats of porch and deck enamel should be applied. For optimum results, first treat the wood with a paintable water-repellent sealer/preservative.

The bleach is usually diluted with water (1 part bleach, 3 parts water) before it is applied to the deck. As repeated cycles of wetting and drying occur, checks tend to enlarge rapidly into cracks and, along with the end-grain surfaces, begin to retain moisture. Most importantly, Southern Pine should be dry before any type of finish is applied.

What makes this type of coating competitive is that it also prevents a deck from bacteria, fungus, rust, mold, and other elements. A final option is the fluoropolymer coatings, which are polymer resins. The semi-transparent stain deeply penetrates the wood protecting it from water, UV rays, and other elements including the cold.

There is also the semi-transparent deck coating , which may be one of the more popular options. These stains are also usually very rich in color or dark in tint. Another option is a semi-solid deck stain, which allows for a little more transparency than the solid deck stain.

There are different options to consider, and knowing your needs and preferences will help to determine which coating is best for your deck. However, not all coatings are the same. Decks are great year round, especially in these summer months when you can invite friends and family over for a good time.

Ideal for Pool Decks, Splash Pads & Waterparks. Alternatives to wood decks are available. People, therefore, often seek nearby Benjamin Moore paint locations when refurbishing outdoor decks.

You can cover old colors or wood, fill imperfections, and benefit from easier cleaning and resistance to rot, mold, and sun damage. Determine the best paint for an outdoor wood deck. Even with an unfinished deck, or you use the best painting deck ideas, the elements will eventually have an effect.

They keep the appearance sharp, brighten up the natural color of the surface, and protect against wood rot. For the deck itself, use a water-repellent preservative or semi-transparent oil stain. The best deck paint colors depend on your tastes.

© 2009 Timber Pro Coatings CALL US TOLL-FREE: 888-888-6095 (USA) Whether it’s a cedar or redwood deck, a log cabin in Alaska, a dock in Florida, cedar shingles in Nantucket, or a teak sided Hawaiian beachfront estate, Timber Pro has a naturally tough finish to protect it. Experience counts, and we are proud of our reputation as a leader in the development of sustainable wood finishes.

Timber Pro brings high performance” natural wood finishes to those who are serious about wood protection and maintenance. I will do some follow up shots after clean up of deck We had some serious freeze thaw issues this winter But looks like it’s just like it applied yesterday. When sealing use one part stain and four parts water (the exact amount can vary depending on whether you want a more translucent or opaque surface).

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